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Aircraft noise contour maps are published for most major airports in the UK. These maps are normally generated by computer modelling and typically show noise contours based on 16-hour daytime LAeq noise levels. The contours take account of the operational modes at the airports concerned and are normally plotted at 3 dB intervals down to 57 dB LAeq,16h.  57 dB LAeq,16h is the upper boundary of NEC A as defined in PPG24.

In areas where these contours are available they are commonly used for noise assessment purposes for proposed residential developments.  In cases where noise contours are not published for particular airports noise data may be gathered at permanent noise monitoring stations and it may be possible to use this data for noise assessment purposes.

Auracle Acoustics is able to undertake all aspects of the monitoring, prediction and assessment of aircraft noise in accordance with national guidance such as PPG24 and the specific requirements of local planning authorities, including the preparation of acoustic reports to support planning applications and liaison as required.

Information on the various means of mitigating against noise from sources such as aircraft may be found on the Noise Control page.


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