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Capabilities and areas of expertise include:

The assessment of the environmental impacts caused by noise and vibration arising from road, rail & air transport, industry and construction sites employing established noise and vibration monitoring methodologies and approved prediction and assessment techniques.

The calculation of barrier attenuation figures for acoustic barriers in accordance with UK Government guidance.

The derivation of internal noise levels for buildings, using external noise level data and calculated transmission losses.

The measurement, prediction and assessment of noise from ventilation and air-conditioning equipment and other types of mechanical plant.

The measurement and assessment of the acoustic performance of internal walls, floors and facades on site.

The prediction, measurement and assessment of noise emissions from premises such as public houses, clubs and restaurants as required in connection with licence applications or as a result of the receipt of complaints.

The monitoring, prediction and assessment of occupational noise exposure in accordance with the requirements of the Noise at Work Regulations: 1989 in connection with claims made by employees and for compliance confirmation on behalf of employers.

The analysis and presentation of relevant information and findings in discipline-specific reports and in multi-disciplinary documents such as Environmental Statements.

Auracle Acoustics has successfully undertaken several hundred noise assessments.  This work includes projects involving noise and vibration from transportation, industrial facilities and construction activities, and also includes numerous building acoustics projects.

Clients include residential developers, planning consultants, architects, factory operators and heating & ventilation engineers.


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